January 2019 Positivity Journaling Workshop

My workshop Saturday morning had a small turnout, but the ladies were wonderful to work with and I really enjoyed their journals. I have photos from two of the participants, which I will share here. I am hoping to get photos of the third at my painting group tomorrow.

I am finding that people who sign up for this workshop need very little guidance from me. I just need to give them a little nudge to solidify the concept, then work on a project of my own as an example. I have been very impressed by the work my students have been doing, so I will launch right into sharing photos.

Two of the ladies who participated are artists and friends from my group that meets on Mondays. I have photos of Nancy’s book, and it is already gorgeous and compelling in its beginning stages.
Nancy is a kind lady and extremely talented artist. I come away from every conversation with her very inspired and hope she will offer some art journal and book-making workshops in the future.

I love the simplicity of these compositions. They could change, of course, when Nancy returns to her studio; but even now, they are interesting compositions. I think I appreciate them most because I find it difficult to work with a simple composition.

I found this image extremely compelling. I was not familiar with the original piece of art cut from a magazine page, but I will get the information so I can look into it further.

I was so honored that Nancy asked me to sign the back cover of her journal. I see now that I dated it incorrectly.

The layering and composition of Lynda’s journal cover is very lovely.

My second student is a friend of the other artist who participated. She has no art experience herself, but she really took off with the concept.

As you can see, Lynda chose the theme of Individuality for her inspirational quotes. I think she did a wonderful job and really enjoyed her questions and insight into the project.

I feel like I’m getting 2019 off to a great start. I hope you are finding ways to be creative if you are not an artist.
What kind of projects are you launching this year if you have an art practice?


    1. Thank you Emma. I would love to travel to Ireland some day. If I do, I will definitely give you a heads up and see if we can meet in the real world for journaling.

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