February Art Mail

February is always a struggle for me, despite being my birthday month. I’m usually ill with some kind of sniffle or congestion and I’m tired of being cold. Growing up in Florida did not prepare me for living in the foothills and I am grateful I didn’t get it into my head to settle any farther north.

This year, and most of last, has been a series of grey and dreary days with little sunshine. I think we would be floating in our own yard if we weren’t perched on a hill. The greyness is probably the main reason I haven’t felt like writing consistently and I apologize for the lack of content on my blogs and social media.

Thankfully, I received a lovely package one day last week when I was still feeling nasty and it brightened my day. It came from Ireland, where I have a wonderful pen pal who sends me art supplies and books several times a year. Her packages are always so beautifully decorated and it feels like a holiday every time one of them arrives.

You can visit her blog here, which also has a link to her Etsy store where you can purchase beautiful handmade cards. I really enjoy the practice of hand written correspondence and the added bonus of exchanging small gifts. Personal connection and handwriting are lost arts in our modern electronic culture.

Do you still write by hand regularly? If not, I encourage you to take up the practice by journaling or seeking out a pen pal. It is a wonderful and therapeutic way to slow down and focus on something tangible.

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